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Iceland Fire & Ice, with Unison Pastels.

Iceland is a unique landscape with active volcanoes and icebergs which gives its nickname “the land of fire and ice”. There is lots of inspiration for creative people, everywhere you look there is a scene waiting to be painted. I feel Unison pastels are the best medium to paint this artist’s paradise, to create the glow of the northern lights and the mist from geysers and waterfalls. There are around 10,000 waterfalls in Iceland.

I visited Iceland in 2016 and have been painting scenes from my trip ever since with my set of 120 half stick pastels. The glorious greens are perfect for the Northern lights, oranges for sunsets and blues for the cool ice caves.

The streets of Iceland are very colourful with illustrations on the walls of Reykjavik the capital to the rainbow brick road in Seydisfjordur.

Iceland’s soil is filled with minerals making it multi-coloured with hints of blue, orange and red. The unison half stick landscape set of 16 is perfect to recreate the natural colours of this wonder of Iceland.

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